Engraved Guns

Laser Tech of Casper, Wyoming is proud to manufacture the majority of
commemorative and special edition laser engraved gun stocks in the nation. Laser Tech's
CO2 lasers are state of the art, and are capable of producing laser engravings that are
unsurpassed in the engraving industry. Our highly trained and experienced staff laser
engrave new commemorative and special edition guns using techniques you will find
no one else in the business doing. Please take a minute to view some our sample guns
and rifles shown below.

Current Special Editions:
The Alaska Rifle
Join us as we celebrate the Golden Anniversary of Alaska's Statehood. Our Special
Edition Marlin 1895 Guide Gun serves as a proud symbol of your history and
heritage. Each fully functioning firearm is individually numbered and intricately
engraved on the receiver, barrel, and stock. Only 250 Alaska Statehood Golden
Anniversary Guns will be produced. They are offered on a first come, first serve basis.
This is a unique opportunity to own what will surely become a cherished piece of your
family history that you (and your children or grandchildren) can display with pride.
The Casper Wyoming Rifle
The rolling prairie-lands of the early Wyoming Territory were stark and imposing. Her
sage covered plains were once home to the Shoshone and lakota Indians who
hunted the pronghorn antelope and mule deer that still dot the striking landscape of
the North Platte River Valley today. It was through this region that early travelors made
their arduous trek westward. Join us at Laser Tech as we celebrate the City of Casper.
Only 100 Casper City Special Edition rifles were produced and were offered on a first
come - first serve basis.
The Citadel Alumni Association Limited Edition M-1 Garand
commemorating The Citadel
Citadel Engraved on Gun
A 24-karat gold and silver rendition of the cadet hat brass is the focal point of the
trigger housing. We present the first and only Limited Edition M-1 Garand
commemorating "The Citadel." This fully functioning semi-automatic rifle is intricately
engraved with images depicting emblems and locales, significant to the greatest
military college in the South. Only 1,000 of these Special Edition Rifles will be
available to Citadel Alumni . Each rifle can be engraved on the rear hand guard with
the recipients name, class year and company.
A Tribute to the American Trucker
American Trucker Winchester 94 .45 Long Colt
This Special Edition Winchester is a "Tribute to the American Trucker". Our model
94, chambered in .45 Long Colt is hand crafted in 24 karat Gold and Nickel Silver.
Engraved scenes recognize individual and team drivers whose thundering big rigs
supply any freight, any time, any where via America's Lifeline, the brilliantly conceived
Eisenhower Interstate System. Each of these heirloom quality rifles will be unique,
with the operators' name or names engraved on the breech bolt. Imagine, a custom
tribute honoring your professional dedication, reproduced on a classic rifle that will
be admired for generations to come! Take advantage of this rare opportunity. Honor
yourself or loved one and show your pride as a trucker.
A Tribute to the World War II American Fighting
Spirit Limited Edition M1-Garand
World War II forever altered global history. Courage was redefined by the Americans
called on to defend freedom, and to defy the enemy's unconscious brutality inflicted
upon decent citizens of the world. For U.S. GI's in the trenches, justice had a name:
"M1-Garand". Due to its astonishing power, it is, as General Patton put it, "the
ultimate battle implement".

We pay homage to this magnificent firearm and the men who extinguished the fires
of hell with it. Our "Tribute to the American Fighting Spirit" Limited Edition M1-Garand
is an authentic, working semi-automatic rifle. The walnut stock is laser engraved,
depicting in chronological order, wartime events which shaped our future. WWII
Unit insignia grace either side of the fore-end There is no rifle on earth like the
M1-Garand, and this edition is limited to 50 rifles per state. Special Dedication
Available For The Veteran In Your Family.

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