Winchester 94 .45 Colt Special Edition for the Ohio Bicentennial
The wood fore-end and butt stock are laser engraved with symbols uniquely defining
the Buckeye State. Ohio, Proud and Free, at the center of a Nation's greatness for
200 years. Seventeenth US State, birthplace of men and women of courage and
strength. The skill of Annie Oakley, the genius of Thomas Edison, the bravery of
John Glen, National leadership of seven US Presidents, and countless native sons
and daughters whose contributions as a whole define the spirit of Ohio pride and

This Special Edition Winchester created exclusively for Ohio's Bicentennial. This
exquisite Model 94, chambered in .45 Colt, is crafted in shimmering 24 karat gold
and nickel silver. It features engraved scenes depicting events which paved the
way to Ohio's freedom and Statehood. This edition is strictly limited to 200 rifles.
Our numbering sequence begins with 1803 and ends with 2003, and includes an
historic Ohio event for each year, engraved on the breech bolt.
United We Stand - Special Edition Ruger 10/22
This beautifully engraved and fully-functioning Limited Edition Ruger 10/22
commorates all those who lost their lives in the 911 tragedy. A New York 24- Karat
Gold plated quarter is enlaid in the stock next to the laser engraving. 10% of all
proceeds go to the Twin Towers Fund.
Commemorative Edition for The First Flight Centennial®
Winchester 94 .45 Colt

First Flight Centennial® Foundation, proudly presents: The First Flight Centennial®;
an homage to the bravery and unrelenting spirit of adventure that culminated nearly
a hundred years ago with the Wright brothers' 12 second, 120 foot first flight at Kitty
Hawk, North Carolina on December 17, 1903.

This fully functioning Winchester 94 is chambered in .45 Colt, intricately engraved,
and beautifully decorated with Nickel-Silver and 24-Karat Gold. Each rifle is
delivered in a custom French Fitted Case in rich hunter green. Only 100 first flight
Centennial® rifles will be produced and individually numbered to ensure the
integrity of this special series. A percentage of each sale benefits the objectives
of the First Flight Centennial® Foundation.
For more information visit:

Winchester 94 AE .30-30 Homeland Security
Guarding the arteries of our nation…
Already a fundamental contributor to the commerce of Our Country, The American
Trucker has taken on a new mission. These voluntary watchdogs are not only
trained to provide roadside assistance, but also to recognize potentially threatening
situations. Because of their intimate connection with the road, there is no one more
qualified to keep a look out on our bridges, ports and tunnels. The significance
of these patriotic men and women choosing to enlist in the Trucker’s Army cannot
be overlooked. We present a tribute to these valiant volunteers with our limited
edition "Homeland Security" Rifle. Built around the popular Winchester Model 94
AE and chambered in .30-30 Winchester, these fully functioning firearms are
plated in 24-karat gold and Nickel silver. The barrel is accented with gold hardware
accessories and the American Walnut stock is intricately laser engraved. Only
300 Rifles will be produced, and individually numbered to ensure the integrity
of the series.
The CSS Hunley
Special Edition firearm built around the Historic 1860 Henry Rifle
The story of the CSS Hunley submarine and the brave men who manned her, in
a battle from which no one returned, is commemorated with this collector's edition
gun. Surrounded by recurrent disaster, the ill fated Hunley still enticed the war
hardened Lieutenant George Dixon and his volunteer crew to join in her reckless
adventure, an adventure that would change the face of warfare forever. This fully-
intact Confederate Submarine, the first to ever sink an enemy ship at war, was
found off the coast of Charleston, in 1995. Excavators spent five years in the
recovery of this fascinating piece of military history. The men who manned her
were finally laid to rest with Full Military Honors.

Celebrate The CSS Hunley, and the indomitable spirit of her crew. This fully
functioning Special Edition firearm is built around the Historic 1860 Henry Rifle,
intricately engraved, and beautifully decorated with Nickel-Silver and 24-Karat Gold.
Each rifle is delivered in a custom French Fitted Case, and comes with a VHS copy
of National Geographic's exciting documentary: Raising the Hunley. A Replica of
Lieutenant Dixon's twenty dollar Gold piece, as well as other personal effects are
also incorporated into the gun case. Only 100 CSS Hunley rifles will be produced
and individually numbered to ensure the integrity of this fine collector's piece.

The City of Casper, Wyoming Special Edition Rifle
The rolling prairie-lands of the early Wyoming Territory were stark and imposing. Her
sage covered plains were once home to the Shoshone and lakota Indians who
hunted the pronghorn antelope and mule deer that still dot the striking landscape of
the North Platte River Valley today. It was through this region that early travelors made
their arduous trek westward. Join us at Laser Tech as we celebrate the City of Casper.
Only 100 Casper City Special Edition rifles were produced and were offered on a first
come - first serve basis.
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